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pubDB Publisher Database

With pubDB, you can find traffic stats of websites. also maintains a database of adsense/ google-analytics publisher ids to identify website networks and ownership. Furthermore, you can lookup miscellaneous information on a domain - ip address, server location, websites hosted on the same ip and more. You can also use pubDB to estimate the value/ worth of your website.

We constantly add new websites to the publisher database. If you want to track a particular website (group), start by typing the domain name on pubDB home page. If you want to track by publisher ids, start your search at Adsense or Google Analytics lookup.

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We respect your privacy and don't collect any browsing data. We have also made sure clicking on any links on does not take you to any external website which might be classified inappropriate. However, third parties such as the advertising providers may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on


Information made available on is taken from data available in open web. Users are advised to infer the statistics as such.